Mentor: Timothy Ferriss

In 2010 I came across The Four Hour Body, by Tim Ferriss. This book opened my ignorant eyes to the power of food. As someone who was exercising (i.e. lifting weights and running) daily, I had never before factored in the importance of food/nutrition and quickly realized bread, butter and cheese were not the ideal foods for my goal. Ferriss changed my life. He sparked my interest in the physiological connection between food, body and mood.

Since reading The Four Hour Body, I have consumed countless other books on diet and nutrition. Conclusion: pay attention to what your body is telling you; by trial and error you can create a diet that suits your goals whether it’s for a healthy lifestyle or a specific physique.


Eight years later and Ferriss continues to significantly influence my decisions in life by inspiring me to strive for optimization in regards to how I spend my time, energy and focus. Moveover, I learn a ridiculous amount listening to his conversations with experts on his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. He is a renowned listener and seeks to understand then deconstruct, not respond.

I just finished his latest book, Tribe of Mentors. Finished is not the correct word. With a book like this, one does not “finish” it. I have already flipped back through to review the bits I highlighted. The book is a manifesto of wisdom. What I love about Ferriss’s books are their ability to spur so much beyond the act of reading. Tribe of Mentors is a collection of Q & A’s from some of the leading figured in today’s world.

gymnastic bodies

This 598 page behemoth of a novel has already induced over five purchases from Amazon. Additionally, I am itching to access all the resources he lists at the end of the book. If you don’t already know who Tim Ferriss is, click here for a bio.


Instead of ranting on about my infatuation with the brilliant mind of Ferriss, I’d like to instead provide you with a bullet list of resources that will allow you to springboard into the glory that is Ferris World*. One of the beautiful things about following Ferriss is that he will introduce you to other experts who are not only inspirational but – more importantly – kind human beings.

I hope Ferriss impacts your life as much and as positively as he has mine.

“Based on everything I’ve seen, a simple recipe can work: focus on what’s in front of you, design great days to create a great life, and try not to make the same mistake twice.”

Tribe of Mentors, by Timothy Ferriss


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*Cation: You may experience becoming overwhelmed with excitement to read and learn.

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