Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny

katherine heiny Standard Diviation.jpg

Author: Katherine Heiny

Publisher: Fourth Estate

Publication Date: June 2017

Pages: 322

Genre: Fiction

Katherine Heiny is a fellow Washingtonian and I promise, if I spot her, I will first inquire about her next novel then ask who inspired Audra’s eccentric and all-knowing character. I desperately want an Audra in my life (for two hours each Saturday morning, over coffee).


I could not put Standard Deviation down. The characters are refreshingly flawed. By expressing Graham’s inner dialog, the main character and a middle-aged man in his second marriage to Audra, father to a son with Asperger’s, boss to a millennial and ex-husband to a cold perfectionist, Heiny illustrates the lack of integrity that exists in internal dialog. But Heiny illustrates Graham’s flaws in an empathetic way that you cannot help but like Graham more because of his very standard human flaws. On a brighter note, this book will make you laugh and I highly recommend it.


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