Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny

katherine heiny Standard Diviation.jpg

Author: Katherine Heiny

Publisher: Fourth Estate

Publication Date: June 2017

Pages: 322

Genre: Fiction

Katherine Heiny is a fellow Washingtonian and I promise, if I spot her, I will first inquire about her next novel then ask who inspired Audra’s eccentric and all-knowing character. I desperately want an Audra in my life (for two hours each Saturday morning, over coffee).


I could not put Standard Deviation down. The characters are refreshingly flawed. By expressing Graham’s inner dialog, a middle aged man in his second marriage to Audra, father to a son with Asperger’s, boss to a millennial and ex-husband to a cold perfectionist, Heiny illustrates the lack of integrity that sometimes exists through personal thoughts that are rarely if ever spoken out loud. But she does it in such a way that I empathize with Graham. On a brighter note, this book will make you laugh and I highly recommend it.



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