The Futures by Anna Pitoniak

The Futures Book Image via Hachette Book Group

Author: Anna Pitoniak

Publisher: Little Brown and Company

Publication Date: January 2017

Pages: 320

Genre: Fiction

Anna Pitoniak is an editor at Random House. The Futures is her first published novel.

I devoured this novel and immediately looked for more literature by Pitoniak. When I realized this was her first novel, I read her biography and was not surprised to learn of the parallels between her personal history and the books plot. Similar to the leading character(s) Pitoniak grew up in British Columbia, she graduated from Yale and moved to New York City. Rumor has it, that authors have a tendency to pull inspiration from their own path in the writing of their first novel.

The Futures will instantly draw you in. At times I was frustrated by events and decisions made. In these instances, I would take the high ground and think to myself, I’d never do that. In hindsight, I realize (from personal experience) the period following graduating from undergrad is a grey area of trial and error – plus risk, if you’re daring enough. Young twenty-somethings are full of energy and ambition (said the 25 year old). Each having to find their own path and determine their principals. By introducing temptations (i.e. adultery, collusion, comfort in familiarity, etc) Pitoniak forces the characters to react, face consequences and spend time self-reflecting.

Great character development. Noteworthy ending. I would not be surprised if a movie deal where in The Futures.


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