Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Author: Celeste NgBook Image - Celeste Ng

Publisher: Penguin Press

Publication Date: September 2017

Pages: 352

Genre: Fiction

Little Fires Everywhere was January’s read for book club (Consensus: good book but some parts were unrealistic). There was a wait list of over 300 at the public library so I begrudgingly ordered it off Amazon. It read like a fine tuned young adult novel, smooth.

Celeste Ng lived in Shaker Heights, the setting of Little Fires Everywhere, for a duration of her formative years. Shaker Heights is a master planned community and your quintessential suburbia. Roughly, the story is based on an affluent white family of six and their disruptive run in with an atypical mother and daughter who have a brief stint in Shaker Heights. It’s a story of love, lose and all the decisions in between.

As a child I stared into the windows of cars passing by and tried to imagine all that was going on in the life’s of the people in the car then quickly I’d become overwhelmed by all the scenarios and stories I’d never learn. Upon finishing this novel, I felt that I learned the stories of at least two families in two indistinct cars passing on the highway. Today, I ride the train doing my best to avoid making eye contact with fellow commuters. I wonder what this says about growing up.


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Photos: Featured image of Celeste Ng provided by Cleveland Magazine. Book image from Good Reads.

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