Bullet Journal: Books & Calendars

Summer 2017 I was introduced to the Bullet Journal. As a compulsive planner and passionate organizer, I was hooked. One place to store all the things – sign me up!

This BuzzFeed article will get you up to speed on the basics of the Bullet Journal.


When my moleskin journal and colored pens arrived, I hesitantly set out with my themed pages fearful of making an aesthetically displeasing mistake. After my first mistake, I threw in the old care towel and went to town!

My favorite thing about the Bullet Journal is having the freedom to track and log anything I find worthy all in one place. Some of my favorite pages include: Influential People, Inspirational QuotesPasswords & Usernames.

I keep my running book list and calendar pages most up-to-date. As you can see, I have a list of books I want to read with the genre to the right (i.e. NF = Nonfiction, B = Biography). Once read, I put a score out of five in the box to the left. I’d recommend putting more space between books to write a short review and giving yourself ten pages to allow for a long, ever-growing list.

20180122_201626-e1516732608985.jpgThis is one of the many calendars I maintain – more on calendars and planning to come. I enjoy configuring the monthly calendar in the journal and deciding which categories deserve a space. Need some page inspiration? Check out this post by Gurl.com.

Of course you do not need a Bullet Journal and pricey pens to experience the benefits. Grab any notebook, make a table of contents, number your pages and get going.


Let’s get organized, organized,


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