About Taylor

I grew up in California and was fortunate to experience life in the city, country and suburb. The exposure to three communities influenced the way I think about populations and individual incentives. In 2017 I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.A. in International Relations. While an undergrad, I studied in London and Washington, DC. In addition to studying International Relations, I was in my very own international relationship.


Thierry and I met the summer of 2014 while he was doing research for his master thesis at Berkeley. After four glorious months together in California, he flew back to Switzerland and thus, we began a very long distance relationship. Fortunately, January of 2018 he started at Columbia Business School marking the first time in three years we are in the same timezone.

I live (and die by my honed routine) and work in Washington, DC. To give you a better picture of who I am, let me describe my Saturday morning. I wake at 6 am and guzzle down a bottle water, attend class at The Bar Method downtown, enjoying a coffee and pastry at CityCenter while watching people pass by and catch up with my Mom over the phone, then walk to Trade Joe’s for my weekly grocery run. My interest include: optimization of all things; health and wellness; literature; genuine human connection.


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