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Salutations, you curious being!

Remember in 2005 when selecting a ringtone was a titillating adventure that ultimately informed your peers who you were? Thirteen years later and I ask myself, is posting handcrafted photos onto a social media platform the new tailored ringtone? Are we STILL in search of the perfect diet? And why the hell are there no flying cars yet! In short: pretty much, unfortunately yes, and lastly Mr. Elon Musk is working on it.

As I accumulate years lived, I find myself struggling with the dis-tractability of humans (and continuously pondering what the optimal career path is). Screentime is now a word in the Cambridge Dictionary and the frequency and duration of it allotted to children is hotly debated – ask any parent. Point being, stay focused and don’t question your screentime guidelines because at the end of the day It’s Okay.

This blog sets out to:

  1. Improve my writing skills (because I aspire to be  work in the publishing industry).
  2. Provide readers content with substance on topics that overshadow worn out posts about beauty and setting goals.
  3. To remind you that It’s Okay to: still have Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together as your ringtone, buy the latest and greatest diet book on the market, give your kids extra screentime when you need a break and to explore new industries.

Stay curious,


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